Tuesday, February 3, 2015



Ok so about 3 years ago I wrote a blog regarding a research I did on Underground Shelter Manufactures. So, I decided to give you some updates on what I have learned recently.

Here are  some Underground Shelter Manufactures I have recently contacted and here are my reviews:

 As you know my last post provided information that gave Radius All A's for their customer service, education, and overall professionalism.   I recently spoke to Mr. McCarthy who is the owner of Radius Engineering who told me he was in the process of transitioning the company to only manufacture Underground Protective Shelter Systems strictly to the Military, and would no longer sell to Civilians. However, he has continued to develop 4th Generation Patented Technology, which he has licensed to Hyperspan Infrastructures Inc (www.bombshelters.com). A company located in  Texas that manufactures Underground Shelter (but we will get to them next).  He is concentrating on his expertise in the Underground Shelter business as a consultant and he continues to be well published Author of Principles of Protection which can be purchased on AMAZON.

Now that we have let the CAT OF THE BAG (haaaaaa) let's talk about Hyperspan Infrastructures Inc. I contacted the company and spoke with a very nice sales rep who gave me all the details of the history of the company and was able to educate me on their products. I just had to ask about the 4th Generation Licensed Patented Technology from Walton McCarthy and the rep explained to me that their products are very different in that they are Hexoid shaped so they are maximized for the efficiency of a human being. The shape make it very efficient for human beings to operate in. Much more efficient than a circular or elliptical shape. They are clearly the most technically advanced shelter manufacturer that manufactures to an actual engineering standard and they have Walton McCarthy 38 years of experience to back them up. I was very pleased with our conversation that I requested to have a tour of their facility. So off we went. Their manufacturing staff was kind, and they were very helpful in educating me on system requirements such as their internal EMP shielded generator that meets the MIL-STD188-1125 spec, and the performance values for radiation shielding which no other shelter company has in the country. I was so impressed that I invited everyone who reads this article to visit and purchase a shelter from this company. CALL TODAY 972.782.2886

Now I am going to discuss these NEW SHELTER COMPANIES or shall I say KNOCK OFF's

What can I say........ (crickets)
Their website is so busy and seems very deceptive. They claim to have been in business since 1950, but from my understanding the owner made Ornamental Steel Doors and Windows (Something Like That). Umm how is he now an expert in Underground Shelters and what Standards is he manufacturing them too????  So their site is very busy. Their shelters have furniture inside them like I really give a  RATS ARSE if in the time of a storm I care what it looks like. The question is am I going to be SAFE????? Needless to say, they have gone all HOLLYWOOD and really miss the importance and purpose of the Underground Shelter Protection.

This company should be called RISING FULL OF S..... Bunkers. You call this company and they go on and on about how Radius Shelters are not good and his shelters are the best, and they can't even remember your damn name. Then you ask them technical questions about how you should determine radiation shielding, or ask if solar panels are subject to EMP, and the list goes on and their response is MR.CLICK !!! Yeah the fools hung up on me.. They don't know if the the sun is coming or going. Or when Jesus will return, but one thing I know is that I WILL NEVER BUY A SHELTER FROM THIS LAME Company.

Utah Shelters - 3rd Best These are Colvert Shelters. They do not manufacture their own Shelters.
Hardened Structure Shelters - 4th Best These are Steel and Concrete Shelters. But they don't manufacture their own shelters. Their main business is commercial buildings.
Northwest Shelters -  5th Best Concrete Shelters.


  1. I'm curious if you can update us on the status of Hyperspan Infrastructures? Just like Radius Engineering, they seem to have disappeared from the web.

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  3. www.bombshelfters.com/ does not exist, you just get ads on the website that pops up... Hyperspan Infastructures doesn't seem to be in business....Radius was sued too many times and had to close according to research I found online...they sold shelters then didn't deliver...